About Me
I started Arresting Photography in 1996 with the idea of giving quality photography for an affordable price. After a short period (very short) with Olan Mills (a vanilla portrait studio)  and applying for a position at Glamour Shots, I decided I could do better on my own.
I started out working out of my home, very simple equipment and props.  Soon I moved to a full size studio with the proper lighting, backgrounds, and I had collected a vast collection of "accessories".  Leather, rope, metal, wood, I have a good selection to play with.  I am particularly fond of handcuffs, and have collected easily 50+ pairs that vary by size, age, country of origin, etc...
I don’t discriminate against anyone, whether by color, age, gender, or lifestyle. I’ve shot beautiful portraits of couples of both sexes, and same sexes. Your sexual orientation or taste in clothing doesn’t matter to me. There’s room for everyone... Also, I have worked with nudes and semi-nudes.   That's up to you.  Still interested?  Take a look at the Gallery and then Contact me!