Prices and Location

The basic price for a photo shoot is $150 for a three hour session.   This includes time for a variety of backgrounds, toys and accessories.   Three hours is a good time span that also allows time to rest in-between sets and  get to know each other.   Since this isn't your ordinary family portrait session, it's usually a good idea to allow extra time to let you get to know me, as well as for me to get to know you.   Obviously, if you can't commit to three hours, I can shorten the time needed.   The pricing remains the same, but I'll work something out like extra prints, etc...

3 hour shoot and appr. 120 photos taken
CD of all the images taken
10 - 4x6's in a book to keep (your choice or we can for you)


The studio is located in the Carthage area of Cincinnati OH.   If you can find the Paddock Rd exit off of I-75, you're almost there.   I have two studios to work with.  One would allow more flexibility of types of images, more backgrounds, and more lighting options.   The other one is in a large basement area and has a more "rustic" feel to it.  Harsher lighting, exposed pipes and concrete walls, etc...   Either one you choose, I will still strive for the same quality images.

Also, if you're interested, I have equipment that can travel!  So if you'd like a shoot in your own home, or private play space, that can be arranged!  Any extra charges would be fair.   If it's local & no major headaches, there probably wouldn't be an extra charge.   But if it's 100 miles away, permits needed, crowds to deal with, etc... then there would be some kind of charge.