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Something new for events, shows and parties...  A full studio setup with lights, backgrounds and (almost) instant prints for your souvenier!
I  set up a full three light setup and backdrop at  the event.  I use Novatron lighting and a high end digital SLR camera to shoot the photos.  I then download the photos to a laptop, let you choose the best one (I shoot a couple in case someone blinks), then I print it on a dye sub printer as a 4x6 and put it in a nice folder, just like prom night, but more interesting outfits....
All this for $10 for each print, which you get within about 5 minutes!  There is a label on the back with the file number on it.  If you decide later that you would like a copy of it emailed to you to use on a website, or you would like extra prints, etc...  All you have to do is email me and specify the file number, and you'll get your photo!
Below are some examples of happy customers* :


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Some of the events we've been a part of, some for multiple years:

Anything for Love OH Leather Fest Great Lakes Leather Alliance
DomCon Atlanta Kinky Kollege OH SMARTFest

* = Your photo will NOT appear here or anywhere else unless you give me permission.  If anyone above objects to their photo being posted on this site, contact me and I'll remove immediately...